1. How To Put Some Sparkle In Your Step

    We’ve all fawned over glamorous rhinestone heels, but not everyone has a couple thousand dollars to drop on designer shoes. With a handful of rhinestones and some free time, you can turn this shoe:

    into this shoe:


    And step out looking like a million dollars!


    The first step (about 24 hours before you’re ready to start)  is to clean up your favorite pair of heels and give them a coat of paint in a color that coordinates with the color of rhinestones you’ve chosen. This isn’t an absolute must, but it will make the shoes look a little bit more finished and it will also give the stones giving your favorite pair of heels a quick paint job in a color that coordinates with the rhinestones you’ve chosen.


    We recommend using at least 3 sizes of stones, which will provide more sparkle from more angles.


    It’s best to start at the back of the shoe and work in small areas, applying a thin layer of glue and applying the rhinestones in your chosen pattern.



    Keep going until you've got it all filled in!

    And even though you’re going to want to wear these, it’s best to give the glue at least 24 hours to fully bond the stones to the shoes. After that, you're good to wear them everywhere!

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  2. Adding Rhinestones To Your Home

    Decorating with rhinestones


    Whether your style mild, wild, or somewhere in between, you can decorate your home with rhinestones.


    If you want to add a dash of sparkle to your life, a rhinestone picture frame or a couple rhinestone votive holders will go with any decor.


    If you’re a little more adventurous, add a set of rhinestone towels to your bathroom, or get your initials spelled out on giant rhinestone letters.

    You can also dress up your favorite chair with a rhinestone pillow or two -

    And you can make every meal will feel like an occasion when you dress up your table with a rhinestone table runner, placemats, napkins, coasters, and charger plates.


    And those are just some of the products in our new line of home decor. You can check out the rest of the  whole line at http://sparkleshome.com/

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  3. Decorating Clothing, Accessories, and Just About Anything Else You Can Think Of With Rhinestones


    Attaching Rhinestones By Hand -


    Our flatback rhinestones and acrylic rhinestones are designed specifically for hand-rhinestoning jobs. Many types of glue are acceptable for attaching rhinestones or crystals, we recommend E-6000 or Triple Threat - both of which are available in the “Hand Rhinestoning” section under “Necessities” on our site. Please note: it is a good idea to avoid hot glue, any glue containing acetone, and Superglue, as they can compromise the look of the stones.


    Before you start, make sure the item is clean and dry. We also recommend testing the glue and stones on an inconspicuous part of the item at least 24 hours before starting the project. Also, in addition to having your glue and stones on hand, we recommend using a rhinestone picking pencil or tweezers and a magic rhinestone tray to make the job easier.


    When you have all your supplies and a design in mind, you are ready to start! Because each stone has to be placed by hand, this can be a slow process, it is a good idea to work on small areas, apply a small amount, even amount of glue to the item and carefully place the stones.


    Most adhesives set in 15-20 minutes, with a full bond achieved in 24 hours.


    When washing fabrics with rhinestones attached, wash inside out, in cold water and lay flat to dry.

    Attaching Hotfix Rhinestones -



    Arrange hot fix items in chosen pattern or design. If working on a large area, or using a heat press, we recommend using heat fix tape to cover design before applying the heat. Always test fabric before applying. (Please note: HOTFIX PEARLS should ONLY be heated from the back)



    Heat Press

    30-50 pounds of platen pressure

    15-20 second application

    320 degree heat for rhinestones, 275 degrees for rhinestuds, 250 for pearls

    Allow tape to cool and glue to dry before peeling

    Please test settings with your machine before starting production, as machines vary. Make sure the glue goes through the garment and you can see the glue on the other side of the fabric.

    * Heat presses can be purchased from a variety of suppliers, from Amazon.com for inexpensive machines to screenprint supply stores for more advanced machines.



    Wool setting, STEAM OFF

    Press down with body weight for 1 minute

    Turn garment inside out and repeat on the inside of the garment to seal in glue


    Handheld Hotfix Setter

    Place appropriate tip on the setter for the size of stone, and then pick up the stone with the setter. Once glue starts melting, place it onto the fabric. Use tweezers to separate stone from tip and then the stone to seal the glue into the fabric. If necessary, use tweezers to move the stone, glue should remain pliable for approximately 5-10 seconds.


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  4. The Right Stone For The Job

    Rhinestone got their name because the original rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine. In the 18th century, George Strass, an Alsatian jeweler, came up with the idea of coating the lower side of glass with metal powder to imitate diamonds. In many European languages, rhinestones are still called strass.

    Since then, rhinestones have become more more widely available, which is good, because who can imagine living in a world where Elvis, Dolly Parton, and Las Vegas weren’t bedazzled?

    The most important part of adding rhinestones to a project is selecting the right stone for the job, which can be difficult because there is a dizzying array of stones available.


    Machine Cut Crystal - (listed on our site as “Machine Cut”, “Flat Back Machine Cut” and “Machine Cut Ultra” and Flat Back Ultra) these are the highest quality of stones. Crystal is created by the addition of lead into glass, which makes the glass more reflective, then machines cut facet into the crystal. They are available in both Flat Back (with no glue on the back, used for hand-rhinestoning projects) and Hotfix (with glue on the back, for use with a heat press). Note: The more facets in a stone, the more it will sparkle. Our Ultra stones are the most faceted that we sell, they are comparable to name brand European stones, but with a significantly lower price.

    Molded Glass - (listed on our site as “Korean” and “Economy”) Because they are molded instead of cut, and glass instead of crystal, they are a more economical choice for projects.

    Acrylic - these are molded plastic gems that come in sizes from 8mm all the way up to 35mm. They are a lower priced alternative, great for projects where you need to cover a larger amount of space. They are rounded on top with facets, giving them an appearance almost similar to a disco ball.

    Hotfix Rhinestud - These look like faceted stones, but are thin, lightweight pieces of molded metal that have glue on the underside. They can be applied to fabrics in a manner similar to that of hotfix rhinestones.

    Hotfix Nailhead - Lightweight molded metal with glue on the underside, they are similar to rhinestuds, but the top is flat with tapered edges like the head of a nail.

     Flatback Pearls - These are lightweight, rounded plastic gems with pearlized paint, available in several colors and excellent for hand-gluing to everything from clothing to phone cases to picture frames.

    Hotfix Pearls - Lightweight plastic pearls with glue on the back, unlike hotfix rhinestones, which are heated from the top, these must be heated from the bottom.

     Pointback - Machine cut crystal stones shaped like gemstones that are usually placed in metal settings and used in jewelry-making.


     If you have any further questions about rhinestones, don't hesitate to contact one of our Rhinestone Experts at 888-986-7105.

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  5. With This Bling, I Thee Wed

    Wedding season is here and whether you’re planning to sparkle up your own DIY wedding or you need a distinctive gift for the happy couple, we’ve got you covered!


    If you’re putting together your own nuptiuals, we’ve got as many rhinestones as you need to bling out everything from your shoes to your reception hall. We can even set you up with a case of rhinestone jars or decorative diamonds that make great table decorations/take homes for your guests!


    If you’re looking for a distinctive gift, how about a set of rhinestone Mr. & Mrs. towels or pillows? Or maybe a rhinestone flask or a pair of crystal-filled champagne flutes

    Let someone else get them a toaster, you can bring the bling!


    If you have any questions or need some guidance, feel free to contact one of our rhinestone experts at 888-986-7105.


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  6. If The Shoe Fits, Buy It!

    A couple weeks ago, we blogged about how to make your own rhinestone heels, but let’s face it, you’re a busy and important person and you don’t have time to spend hours gluing rhinestones to shoes.


    Fortunately for you, the Sparkles Rhinestones Research and Development department is always looking for ways to make your life more sparkly and fabulous and we’re excited to announce that we will be debuting our line of rhinestone heels this weekend, May 16 and 17, at RuPaul’s DragCon at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


    Our heels are completely custom available in 20 different colors in sizes from 4-12 (in the taller 8” heels) and from 4-15 in the shorter 6” heels. Keep an eye on our site for release dates and ordering info!

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  7. Tis The Season for Bling


    Here at Sparkles, every season is the season for bling, but there’s something extra magical about holiday sparkles.


    We have sparkle ornaments for the tree


    sparkle pillows for the couch or bed-



    sparkle placemats and runners for the table -

    Sparkle hand towels for the powder room



    Sparkle Wine Bags which are fun and reusable and make great gifts!


    And why not add a some more glitter to New Year’s Eve with our sparkling crystal champagne flutes?


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