Hot Fix Guide


Arrange hot fix items in chosen pattern or design. If working on a large area, or using a heat press, we recommend using heat fix tape to cover design before applying the heat. Always test fabric before applying. (Please note: HOTFIX PEARLS should only be heated from the back)


Heat Press

30-50 pounds of platen pressure

15-20 second application

320 degree heat for rhinestones, 275 degrees for rhinestuds, 250 for pearls

Allow tape to cool and glue to dry before peeling

Please test settings with your machine before starting production, as machines vary. Make sure the glue goes through the garment and you can see the glue on the other side of the fabric.

* Heat presses can be purchased from a variety of suppliers, from for inexpensive machines to screenprint supply stores for more advanced machines. 



Wool setting, STEAM OFF

Press down with body weight for 1 minute

Turn garment inside out and repeat on the inside of the garment to seal in glue


Handheld Hotfix Setter

Place appropriate tip on the setter for the size of stone, and then pick up the stone with the setter. Once glue starts melting, place it onto the fabric. Use tweezers to separate stone from tip and then the stone to seal the glue into the fabric. If necessary, use tweezers to move the stone, glue should remain pliable for approximately 5-10 seconds.




Please contact us with any questions on applying hot-fix products. We are here to help!

Check our necessities section for hotfix tape, tweezers, picking pencils and other tools to help you with your project!